My name is Kim Andre Langholz

and I´m an attention hijacker…

Well, not really a hijacker but I know how to get people’s attention and

as you know, the attention of your customer is what matters in the business world.

You want them to notice you, to pick you over the other players in your field and more importantly

you want them to buy from you and not your competitors.

Sales are what matters to you. You need revenue to stay in business.

This is the funny thing that most online marketers forget.

They focus on 50 different linkbuilding tactic, creating social media profiles all over the internet and doing so many different things in their frugal attempts to attract customers to your website.

What they forget, however, is that traffic to your website is worth nothing, unless that traffic converts.

This is what I’m specialized in.

Getting the attention from your desired audience, making them come into your website and persuading them to buy your product/service.

I know what’s important for you and more importantly

I know HOW to grow your traffic and revenue.

So how do I do this?

It’s simple. With more than 7 years of experience in the online marketing industry and having worked with +50 different clients I have learned what works and how to make big results.

With more than 7 years of experience in the online marketing industry and having worked with +50 different clients I have learned what works and how to use that to make disruptively big results.

Creating big results isn’t about doing everything and optimizing every online channel.

It’s about testing the different traffic channels and focusing on the one or two that delivers the biggest ROI.

That could be anything from Google Adwords, content marketing, facebook ads, email marketing or something similar.

I don’t actually know before testing it out on your audience.

But it only takes an initial marketing test to figure out and after that…

Let’s just say that I hope you’re ready to receive a great amount of traffic and sales!

The question is….

Are you ready to let me grow your business and direct the attention of your audience to your product/service?

Fill out this form and let me send you a FREE proposal within 48 hours!

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So who am I again?

A passionate online marketing guy that had to leave his home country as it got to small for his ambitions… Okay, it’s not entirely true.

I started my online marketing career off in Denmark but after five years it just got too small for me. I wanted to swim with the international sharks, face overwhelming challenges and create massive results.

And so I did.

For just a little over two years, the international scene has become my hunting ground and I love every minute of it.

In my endeavours I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in:

Working isn’t everything, though…

I want to change the life of millions of people.

Having seen the damage that sexual abuse can lead to, I have made it a priority for myself to somehow help and teach teenagers to, first of all, be aware and avoid bad situations, but also give them a helping hand if they at some point find themselves being victims of a sexual abuse.

It doesn’t stop there…

I also love helping people out, empowering them to be better, teaching them valuable skills. I want to leave a lasting impact, not just on your business, but also on the people I meet here on earth.

That’s the kind of guy I am.

If that’s something that resonates with you, I’d be happy to have a talk with you. Especially if we could somehow help a ton of people here on earth.

You can find my contact details here

or you can just fill out this form.

I’m looking forward hearing from you.

Best wishes.

Kim Andre Langholz